Hi There,

We are Sarah and Jess, the co-owners of LTL PPL. We took over the business in 2021 from an amazing group of women who started the brand in 2016. We are sisters from Melbourne, Australia that have a passion for all things kids and lifestyle. With 18 nieces/nephews between us, and 2 little boys for Sarah, it’s fair to say we know kids clothing.

LTL PPL was created as a stylish clothing and accessories label for your little ones and continues to be driven by fashion, quality, practicality and comfort. Nothing grinds our gears like buying an item of clothing, only to have the little one grow out of it in a hot minute. So our goals are to stop the wastage and over-buying, and instead make pieces that can be passed on between siblings, friends and family. LTL PPL clothing will withstand wrestling matches, kindergarten madness, weekend activities, and the playful messiness of childhood.

Denim is our JAM! The brand started with denim being a key element and we have absolutely mastered these pieces over the last 6 years. We continue to bring out your favourite denim styles while introducing fun colour pops to mix things up each and every year.

We hope you love our brand, and we strive to continue to create beautiful, long lasting pieces that will be in your wardrobe for many years to come.

Sarah and Jess xx