Christmas word hunt!

Christmas word hunt!

Who's ready for round 2 of our Christmas word hunt?!

If you missed the first one, here's the details on how to play!

For 24 hours (from 8pm 11th of December- 8pm 12th of December), there will be hidden letters in our instagram posts, instagram stories and emails. Write down each of the letters as you see them and once you know the answer, DM us on instagram. All entries will go into the draw, and the winner will be announced on Friday 14th of December. The winner will receive a $250 LTL PPL voucher. 

For the clues to this round, go to our instagram post at 8pm on the 11th of December. Click here to go our instagram account

For your next hidden letter, click here and the letter is hidden in one of the images on the page you are taken to ;)